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Feel the burn.

9 May

Dear Dude at the Gym Who Gave Me the Evil Eye for Wiping off HIS Ass-Sweat from the Machine Before Using It Because Even Though You Can Bench Press a Small Buick (Feel the burn, bro!), You Can’t Lift a Damn Spray Bottle of Disinfectant:

You’re right; I’m totally the asshole in this situation.



PS – Please tell your friend Guy Who Sticks His Hand Into His Gym Shorts to Scratch His Balls IN PUBLIC that he is the sole reason why I never use those free weights in that corner. And that he’s disgusting. AND IN PUBLIC.

Also as a note: I like to follow up a good workout by coming home and eating nachos and drinking wine in front of my computer. It’s a little tip I picked up from Health Magazine. My only justification is that I would probably be doing the same thing even if I hadn’t worked out, so at least this way I get to do it while wearing super sweaty gym clothes.